The Jiggly Tunes: Opportunistic Use Of The COVID-19 Crisis

It seems like yesterday when our mornings started with school; evenings were occupied with outdoor activities and the day ended with completing our homework’s! Indeed, they were typical school days.

Currently, we find ourselves struggling to comprehend the new world. A world where pandemics have potential to cause a wreck. New infectious diseases are emerging and causing havoc. Do you feel that spending 24 hours indoors has come out as a new challenge?

As days passed boredom strikes and as the saying goes, “an empty mind is the devil’s house”. But in my case the emptiness gave me the inspiration and potential to learn and explore new things. As I was very fond of animals and the facts revolving around them; it gave me immense joy to spread the knowledge. YOUTUBE was an ultimate platform to showcase and spread the gathered facts about scientific stuff.

In this way the present situation of COVID -19 pandemic lock down situation inspired me to create my own channel called “THE JIGGLY TUNES”
It encouraged me to amass the scientific facts and present them in the form of videos. Also, I explored the various applications to synchronize the audio with background music and editing the video in a presentable form. I would love to explore many more scientific facts & share the amazing facts to all my viewers.

Here I attach a video link about various amazing facts about flora & fauna.

Completely Explained Biological Unique Questions:

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