Audit, Disputes and Construction Claims Consultants in India

Navigating through the intricate pathways of commercial or technical disputes, especially those concerning construction claims, can be incredibly challenging, often leading to stress, disruptions, and potential financial damage, including a detrimental impact on EBITA margins. This is where our specialized services come into play. As a leading construction claims consultancy, we are dedicated to offering strategic guidance that safeguards your interests and preserves your crucial business relationships.

Our team stands out among construction claims consulting firms because of our unique blend of Techno-Commercial expertise. We offer quality tactical advice and devise solutions to complex issues, all within the contractual framework of your project. We understand the nuances involved in the legal interpretation of agreement clauses, making us the go-to experts in handling potential obstacles in your construction endeavours.

We extend our proficiency beyond typical consulting, offering comprehensive construction audit dispute consultancy services. These services are designed to pre-emptively identify and mitigate risks, thereby shielding your projects from financial liabilities and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

Our construction claims services are comprehensive, encompassing every phase of your project. From pre-project risk assessment to post-project resolution, our Audit, Disputes, and Claims Consultants are adept at foreseeing challenges and transforming them into opportunities for growth and learning. We are committed to securing the best possible outcomes for our clients, ensuring that every project phase, from inception to completion, is streamlined and free of legal entanglements.

At the core of our claims consulting services is a robust dispute resolution mechanism, tailored specifically for the construction sector. Our approach is not just about resolving disputes but also significantly focuses on de-escalating issues before they evolve into more significant conflicts, particularly during the sensitive stages of ongoing projects.

We pride ourselves on our fast, responsive, and strategic advice, derived from years of hands-on experience in the field. As specialists in both standard and innovative risk management systems, we bring unparalleled value to your projects, safeguarding them against unforeseen challenges and guiding them towards success.

Our firm represents the gold standard in construction claims consultancy. By entrusting us with your project, you benefit from a partnership that understands the depths of commercial and technical disputes and stands ready to secure your interests at every turn.

A few selected assignments from our complete reference, the list is given below:

  • PMC-Retaining Wall & Flyover, Kota RJ- Extrinsic information- Change in Law – Protection from NPV
  • PMC Services for Construction of Retaining Wall and Flyover in Kota, Rajasthan – Stage 2
  • Claim Advisory Service (EOT): CP MWC-03 Project Seabird
  • Claims Management Services for Change of Scope and Extension of Time for Three projects
  • Claim Management Services – Suspension Cost for MPL Project
  • Construction supervision of marine and land facilities at Gopalpur, Orissa
  • Dredging consultancy for Angre Port Private Limited at Jaigarh, Maharashtra
  • Validation of aids to navigation for Vizhinjam Port, Kerala
  • Quality audit for ICD at Panipat, Haryana
  • Construction supervision services for the reconstruction of ICD at Panipat, Haryana
  • Consultancy services for claim and contract management – BMRCL, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • PMC Services at JNPA for NSFTPL (Improvements to Existing Infrastructure)

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