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Eka Infra Consultants stands at the forefront as a leading coastal engineering consulting firm in India, specializing in a comprehensive array of coastal infrastructure consultancy services. With an unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and economic development, our team of expert coastal engineering consultants leverages extensive knowledge and innovative techniques to enhance India’s vast coastal regions.

Our proficiency as one of the eminent coastal engineering companies in the nation is demonstrated through our holistic approach, encompassing every stage of maritime and coastal infrastructure development. These stages include meticulous project conception, in-depth feasibility studies, detailed project reports, condition assessments, strategic planning, advanced design, bid process management, mooring analysis, cutting-edge navigation simulations, construction oversight, and comprehensive asset management throughout the entire lifecycle.

At Eka Infra, we provide unparalleled services in the realms of Coastal Modelling, Coastal Shipping, and strategic Dredging operations. Our expertise extends to the development of state-of-the-art Fisheries Harbours, optimization of Inland Waterways, and the installation of efficient Material Handling Systems.

We are a trusted partner in constructing a diverse range of Marine Terminals, including facilities for Containers, Cruise lines, Bulk carriers, Liquid transports, and General Cargo. Our repertoire further encompasses the creation and maintenance of Shipyards, Dry Docks, and innovative Structural Solutions.

Our protective and environmental measures include the construction of Surge Barriers, Seawalls, Bulkheads, Tide Gates, Breakwaters, and sophisticated Shoreline Armouring techniques to safeguard vital coastal ecosystems.

Eka Infra’s remarkable portfolio includes various high-profile assignments across India and international frontiers. These projects range from updating project reports and detailed design to construction supervision, dredging consultancy, validation of navigational aids, and technical consultancy services for numerous domestic and overseas ports.

Our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction positions us as a premier choice for entities seeking coastal infrastructure consultants in India. Our integrated consultancy and engineering approach ensure the delivery of sustainable, resilient, and economically beneficial outcomes for all our partners, contributing significantly to the nation’s infrastructural and ecological advancement.

Our Offerings include:

  • Coastal Modelling
  • Coastal Shipping
  • Dredging
  • Fisheries Harbours
  • Inland Waterways
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Marine Terminals (Quays, Wharfs and Jetties)
    • Container
    • Cruise
    • Bulk
    • Liquid
    • General Cargo
  • Shipyards and dry docks
  • Structural Solutions
    • Surge Barriers
    • Seawalls
    • Bulkheads
    • Tide gates
    • Breakwater
    • Shoreline Armouring

Some selected assignments undertaken are listed below:

  • Updating of detailed project report for captive facility at Salav, Maharashtra
  • Detailed design of berth and approach bund (2,500m) for a green field captive facility at Nandgaon, Maharashtra
  • Construction supervision of marine and land facilities at Gopalpur, Orissa
  • Dredging consultancy for Angre Port Private Limited at Jaigarh, Maharashtra
  • Validation of aids to navigation for Vizhinjam Port, Kerala
  • Evaluation of equipment procurement for KICT at Kutch, Gujarat
  • Pre bid engineering services for Reconstruction of Jetty for IN at Kochi, Kerala
  • Design of OHT and Locomotive Shed for GPL, Odisha
  • Inception and Conceptual Design Report (Ranca Ranca), Malaysia
  • Secondment of staff for Oman Projects, Oman
  • Technical consultancy services for Patimban Port, Indonesia
  • Pre-bid engineering services for berth at Jurong Port, Singapore
  • Pre bid engineering services for Berth 4 at Dhamra Port,Odisha
  • Lenders Independent Engineer for JSW Mangalore Container Terminal Pvt Ltd., Managalore
  • Breakwater at Subarnarekha Port: Optimization and Stability Settlement Analysis
  • Pre-Feasibility Study for Phase II at Gopalpur Odisha
  • Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy Services for Proposed Expansion of Container
  • Terminal CT10 – CT 17 and associated works at Westport, Pulau, Indah, Selangor
  • Trent PS – TISPS Phase II Optioneering (Quay) Report with Recommendations
  • Design of Enabling Structures to Execute Repair Works of the Damaged Portion of Berth 2
  • F and TAS for Ops of Addl LCB (LB3 and LB4) at JNPT
  • Development and preparation of ISDP for Inland Water Transport in West Bengal
  • Consultancy Services for Jaigarh Port – Project Management Services
  • EDS for Berth 6B- Marine at Jaigarh Port – detailed design
  • ES for Berth 6B -At Jaigarh Port – Topside Facility
  • Pre-Tender Services for breakwater & Jetty work at Murud Jangira Fort, Raigad Maharashtra
  • DPR for LPG Import Terminal (Phase II), Jaigarh
  • Claim Advisory Service (EOT): CP MWC-03 Project Seabird
  • LIE Services for Gopalpur Ports Limited
  • Consultancy Services for Setting and Measuring of MAL for Cargo at GPL
  • Claim Management Services – Suspension Cost for MPL Project
  • PMC Services at JNPA for NSFTPL (Improvements to Existing Infrastructure)

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