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Resilient Water and Environment Infrastructure: Eka Infra

Every individual, community, business, industry, and Mother Earth has the right to access potable water, ensure the proper disposal of wastewater, manage water-related hazards, and protect water as a sustainable resource. One of the most important type of infrastructure exists mainly underground and out-of-sight – the infrastructure that delivers potable water to homes and businesses and carries away runoff and waste. This infrastructure directly affects public health by providing safe drinking water, limiting  pollution of local rivers and streams, and prevents flooding when functioning correctly. It also helps in safeguarding the environment – a critical necessity when the effects of climate change are becoming more and more evident and leading to more frequent and severe extreme weather conditions.

Eka Infra is committed to improving the quality of water and environment infrastructure. Eka Infra builds and maintains effective and resilient water infrastructure that is essential to public and environmental health. Through modern, robust, and innovative planning and engineering solutions, from the routine to the revolutionary, Eka Infra help clients meet current and future challenges related to this vital element of infrastructure. Eka Infra provides holistic planning and design solutions, as well as advisory and engineering services to address the full spectrum of water and environment management issues.  Our world-class processes, models and tools enable our clients to create  more resilient water infrastructure, while minimising capital spends, and mitigating the risks associated with socioeconomic factors and climate change that are common with such projects.


  • Analytic Hydrology
    • Rainfall-runoff modelling
    • One dimensional and two-dimensional hydrodynamic modelling
    • Integrated Water Resources Management
    • Real time flood forecasting system
    • Integrated Flood and Sediment Management
    • Decision Support System
    • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies for Dams, Barrages & Diversions
    • Reservoirs Sedimentation & Integrated Reservoir Operation Studies
    • Survey of Reservoirs, Rivers and Other Water Bodies
    • Complete analysis (exploration-transformation-computing-Modelling-visualization & presentation) of large hydro-meteorological data sets in any context of Water & Environment.
  • Hydrology for Linear Features
    • Hydrologic studies and DPR preparation for Highway Projects
    • Hydrologic studies and DPR preparation for Railway Projects
  • Irrigation Engineering
    • Planning of large to medium scale irrigation projects
    • Survey and Geometric Design of Irrigation Networks
    • Hydrologic and hydraulic design for irrigation structures
    • Civil & Structural Design-Estimation-Costing of Irrigation Structures
  • Industrial Water Management
    • Tunnelling and underground solutions
    • Desilting plants and solutions


  • Public Health Engineering
    • Water supply and distribution systems
    • Water treatment plants
    • Waste disposal systems
    • Water supply & wastewater systems
    • Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
    • Solid & liquid waste management
  • Environmental Services
    • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Studies
    • Environment improvement
    • Heritage conservation 
    • Rainwater harvesting
    • Water conservation 
    • Pollution control and measurement
    • Green building solutions

Some selected assignments undertaken are listed below:

  • Inception and Conceptual Design Report (Ranca Ranca), Malaysia
  • GPL- Pre Feasibility Study for Phase II at Gopalpur Odisha
  • Consultancy Services for Jaigarh Port – Project Management Services
  • EY – Development and preparation

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