Material Handling Systems Engineering Services in Mumbai

Material handling systems plays a crucial role in optimizing the complex network of nationwide logistics. At the forefront of this logistical transformation, Material handling engineers are essential, ensuring the seamless and accurate operation of supply chain systems. In the dynamic industrial environment, material handling engineering firms are the architects of efficiency, especially in major metropolitan areas.

Eka Infra underscores its prominence by redefining the paradigms of material handling systems engineering services. Our approach is woven into the fabric of logistical mastery, where the orchestration of advanced, digitally enabled logistics is not just a requirement but a driving force that propels the economic machinery.

In this realm, a Material Handling Engineer becomes the harbinger of innovation, navigating the complexities of manual, semi-automated, and fully automated systems. They oversee a wide range of equipment and advanced software tailored to optimize the movement and storage of materials. Our engineers immerse themselves in the logistics sector, developing solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and adaptable to the changing demands of the industry.

Eka Infra stands out among material handling engineering companies, bringing a fresh perspective to logistical challenges. We recognize that contemporary industry dynamics require “always-on” connectivity, demanding an agile and responsive material handling infrastructure. Our engineering solutions are tailored to meet these challenges head-on, ensuring uninterrupted supply chains that are vital to maintaining a competitive edge.

Our commitment goes beyond immediate solutions; we envision a framework that supports sustainable development. By integrating cutting-edge technology with strategic foresight, Eka Infra contributes to building a robust logistics backbone. This not only streamlines individual and industrial trade needs but also acts as a catalyst for national economic growth.

In a world where logistical delays translate into lost opportunities, our expertise in material handling systems engineering services in Mumbai fortifies supply chain networks, making them more adaptive and resilient. Eka Infra’s holistic approach ensures that material handling systems are not just operational but are strategic assets in a high-stakes economic arena.

Our Logistics and Material Handling System offerings include:

  • Air and Rail Cargo Terminals
  • Airport-based and
  • Port-based Logistics Parks
  • Cold Storages and Warehouses
  • Dry Ports
  • Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZ)
  • Private Freight Terminals
  • Inland Container Depots
  • Integrated Multi-Modal Logistics Hubs
  • Logistics Parks
  • Conveying Systems
  • Material handling Equipment
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Cargo Bagging Equipment

Some selected assignments undertaken are listed below:

  • Project cost estimation and initial planning for Integrated Business Park at Chennai, Tamilnadu
  • Project cost estimation and facility compliance report for KRIL facilities at five locations for DPW
  • Master planning and improvements to ICD at Panipat, Haryana
  • Prefeasibility study for a PFT at Dankuni, West Bengal
  • Quality audit for ICD at Panipat, Haryana
  • Construction supervision services for the reconstruction of ICD at Panipat, Haryana
  • Feasibility study for the development of a multi-modal logistics park at Pathankot, Punjab
  • Business plan and a broad level land use plan for the proposed facilities at Pisarve, Maharashtra
  • Review of rail components of the proposed MMLP at Sankrail, West Bengal
  • Consultancy services for preparation of a technical report for FTWZ at JNPT, Maharashtra
  • Consultancy services for preparation of a technical report for FTWZ at Chennai, Tamilnadu
  • PMC Services for Fertilizer Warehouse at Gopalpur, Odisha
  • Services for General Purpose Warehouse at GPL, Odisha
  • Structural Auditing of Existing Infrastructure at CWCNSL. Khopta
  • Prefeasibility Study for an MMLP at HIPL Jammu
  • TDD of ICD/PFT, “Composite Logistics Hub” at Powarkheda in Madhya Pradesh
  • Civil Upgradation at Khopta CFS (EDS and CS)

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