Floating Structure Consultant Services in India

“Floating Structures: Pushing Boundaries, Expanding Horizons!”

With a booming population and other human-led activities like agriculture, industrialisation and urban settlements, the available land is shrinking even further. All these constraints force us to think of other non-conventional ways to carry out development without causing further harm to the environment.

Floating structures provide such a way for sustainable development while protecting the health and longevity of the planet’s marine ecosystem. Such structures support all kinds of transportation, commercial and recreational applications, thereby offering a contemporary, practical solution that benefits both individuals and the natural environment.

Eka Infra provides services in planning, designing and developing floating structures, including bridges, and mobile offshore structures for its clients. Stability, versatility and durability are the foundation of our innovative, eco-friendly designs. We have established a reputation for producing cost-effective structures that have a long service life, even in harsh marine environments.

Our team of international experts, engineers and project managers take great pride in maintaining the highest level of quality, and in honouring this commitment to each project and each customer.

Our Offerings include:

  • Floating Architectures
  • Floating Bridges
  • Floating Docks, Piers, Berths and Terminals
  • Floating Storage Facilities
  • Offshore Structures and Platforms
  • Pneumatically Stabilised Platforms

Selected assignment undertaken is listed below:

  • Development and preparation of ISDP for Inland Water Transport in West Bengal

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