Our Employees

Anup Kumar Pothuneedi

Advisor (Projects)

Anup Kumar is a Civil Engineer with three decades of experience in executing major infrastructure projects. His expertise lies in team management, client liaison, strategic-level cost and time monitoring, and reporting to clients and stakeholders whilst adhering to Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) guidelines and industry standards, maintaining a high level of compliance. At Eka Infra, Anup is associated as Advisor – Projects, responsible for overseeing construction supervision of all projects.  Anup’s technical expertise, management skills, and excellent interpersonal qualities make him a valuable asset to Eka Infra’s success team.

Ankur Kulkarni

Manager- Projects and MR

Ankur holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and has over a decade’s experience in a range of civil engineering projects, including buildings and marine structures. He has extensive expertise in areas of project documentation, including contractor invoices, Maritime Project Reports (MPR), project cost estimation, tender documentation, and Bill of Quantity. He had joined Eka Infra as a Technical Assistant to the Managing Director, and now progressed to the role of Manager – Projects and Management Representative (MR) of Quality Management System.  . His responsibility is to ensure that every project adheres to the Quality Management System (QMS), maintaining corporate-level quality standards.

Himanshu Tonk

Assistant Manager- Design Services

Himanshu Tonk holds a master’s degree in Structural and Construction Engineering and completes a year in Eka Infra. He currently leads three projects as Project Manager, responsible for start to end scope of deliverables.  

He has successfully managed complex projects with a focus on cost efficiency and has been entrusted with overseeing prestigious projects. His communication skills and ability to address questions or concerns help to build confidence and foster collaboration among various stakeholders.

Pratyush Mishra

Assistant Manager- Contracts

Pratyush Mishra holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a Post Graduate degree in Quantity Surveying and Contract Management. He joins Eka Infra as Assistant Manager for Contracts and Claims Management. His expertise includes drafting contracts, overseeing construction activities, and providing detailed reports to senior management. He is proficient in several software applications, including AutoCAD, Revit, Naviswork, and Primavera P6. Pratyush’s diverse background showcases a strong foundation in civil engineering, construction management, and academia.

Priyanka Rawool

Manager – Finance

Priyanka Rawool is an experienced finance expert with a master’s degree in commerce and a Professional Competence Course (PCC) certification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). With 13 years of career experience, she has held key roles in internal auditing and is proficient in her area of expertise with the use of varied software to manage the overall financial health of the company. She brings a systematic and thorough approach to her work   in leading the Financial Management for Eka Infra.

Raju Mundhe

Assistant Manager – Design Services

Raju, a diploma holder in Civil Engineering, brings more than two decades of experience in infrastructure design and planning. Since joining Eka Infra at its inception in 2018, he has ascended to the position of Assistant Manager – Design Services, being recognised for his extensive expertise in conceptual planning, master planning, and land use planning. Raju’s skill set also includes preparing tender documents and GFC (Good for Construction) drawings, which are critical components in ensuring the successful execution of projects, civil and structural elements for various projects, including buildings, quays, port infrastructure, warehouses and other components of infrastructure development.

Revathy Nair

Manager – Design Services

Revathy Nair, a Design Engineer with a master’s degree in Offshore Structures, is a Design Manager, bringing over seven years of expertise in both the technical and managerial aspects of design. Revathy has built her career with leading companies, gaining familiarity with international design codes like ASCE, BS, AISC, and MBMA, which are crucial for modern construction projects.

In her role at Eka Infra, Revathy will leverage her certification as an internal auditor for ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, and 45001:2018 to ensure quality standards and compliance. Her technical extends to software tools such as AutoCAD, STAAD.Pro, MBS, and SAP 2000, making her a versatile asset to the team.

Subhash K K

Manager – Coastal, Environment, Engineering Design Services

Subhash holds a master’s degree in integrated Coastal Zone Management and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, with over seven years of experience in design, tender process, planning, and design supervision. His journey since past five years from 2019, as a Design Engineer has involved a wide array of projects encompassing design, structural audits, cost estimation, and feasibility studies across various sectors like inland waterways, logistics parks, private freight terminals, ports, and harbours which led him to achieve the position of Manager – Coastal, Environment, Engineering Design Services as head of design team in Eka Infra

Subhash continues to spearhead several high-profile projects, showcasing his skills in project control, schedule management, quality assurance, and client relations. His proficiency in key engineering software like ArcGIS, STAAD Pro, and AutoCAD has significantly contributed to project efficiency and success.

Seena Arangath

Assistant Manager – Sales and Marketing

Seena holds a bachelor’s degree in economics with14 years of professional experience in Sales and Marketing.  Administration, Project Management, Human Resources, and Production.

In her current role as an “Assistant Manager – Sales and Marketing” at Eka Infra, she is responsible for identifying business opportunities to boost sales and bring revenue and wide service portfolio whilst managing brand promotion, developing and implementing strategies to increase brand awareness and engage with customers. Her expertise in sales strategy, client relations, and digital marketing contributes significantly to Eka Infra’s success, helping the company reach new markets and improve its overall brand visibility.

Vibha Jain

Manager – HR and EA

Vibha has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies and an MBA in Social Entrepreneurship, with five years of experience in Management and Marketing. Throughout her career, she has worked with several well-known organizations, gaining extensive experience and a solid understanding of various aspects of business operations.  As Manager of Human Resources department, her key focus is to develop and implement processes and policies that augment professional and organisational growth, promote effective communication with all stakeholders, and oversee efficient functioning at macro-level. Her focus on fostering a cohesive work environment and promoting a positive corporate culture is a testament to her managerial skills. Her role as Executive Assistant to MD requires.

Vinod Bhagwat

Assistant Resident Engineer

Vinod has over 20 years of experience across a diverse range of infrastructure projects, including container terminal infrastructure, coal terminals, marine berths, national highways, power plants, industrial buildings, and onshore oil and gas terminals. His expertise lies in client engagement and consultation, as well as in providing effective solutions to issues arising during project execution, particularly within the quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) areas Vinod is highly knowledgeable about a wide range of industry’s standards and codes and has deep expertise in material testing and construction methodologies all in line with national and international standards. Vinod is meticulous in his documentation and record-keeping, ensuring compliance with Quality Assurance Plans (QAP), Inspection Test Plans (ITP), and Quality Management System (QMS) requirements.

Yogendra Salunke

Executive – Administration and IT

Yogendra Salunke holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce with an additional certification in MS-CIT along with extensive experience of 9 years in administration, account management, and customer service. He excels in roles demanding strong organizational skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Yogendra demonstrates proficiency in various tasks such as payroll management, logistics operations, and vendor coordination, while also showcasing his ability to create automated reports and implement effective strategies for theft prevention. Beyond his professional endeavours, Yogendra’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his start-up venture, where he gained practical experience in wholesale and retail operations. He is poised to make significant contributions to our organization’s success. He is the HSE representative at the Head Office and assists the HSE Manager in complying with the HSE requirements.

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