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Eka Infra stands out in the realm of Procurement Process and Contracting due to our comprehensive grasp of the multifaceted elements essential for the triumph of a project. Our proficiency in the contract procurement process is not only about understanding the theories but is deeply rooted in practical, structured approaches and custom strategies tailored for each project.

One of our core strengths lies in our structured procurement contract process, which emphasizes the necessity for prompt decision-making. This expediency is critical in maintaining the uninterrupted flow of precise and reliable information among all tiers of project participants. Such meticulous attention to detail facilitates efficient risk management, drastically reducing the likelihood of setbacks and ensuring the project timeline remains unhampered.

Furthermore, we recognize that each project comes with its unique set of conditions and challenges. Our approach to procurement strategy is not one-size-fits-all; instead, we customize our procurement and contracting methods to address the specific nuances and demands of each project. This includes services in both traditional procurement methods and alternative procurement methods. This tailored strategy is crucial for on-time delivery and strict adherence to budgets, the cornerstones upon which the success of every project is built.

In the sphere of procurement process and contract management, we provide services such as contract preparation, bid advisory services, drafting and/or reviewing contract documents for a project, creating and tracking sub-contracts for major contracts, risk and safety management, comprehensive handling of the end-to-end procurement process and advisory services for supervision contracts. Our team is not only reactive but also proactive. We focus on forward-thinking counsel regarding the governance of contracts, preparing the groundwork to not just respond to but to prevent claims. Our expertise extends to managing unforeseen claims, should they arise, with a well-prepared and informed strategy, thereby safeguarding the project from potential legal disputes and financial risks.

Through continuous improvement of our tools and ongoing training of our staff, Eka Infra commits to excellence in every aspect of the procurement and contracting journey. Our holistic approach ensures that every phase of the procurement contract process is handled with the utmost professionalism and strategic foresight, contributing significantly to the overarching success of each project we undertake.

Eka Infra operates and provide services across different phases of a project such as:

  • Contract preparation
  • Bid advisory services
  • Drafting and/or reviewing contract documents for a project
  • Creating and tracking sub-contracts for major contracts
  • Risk and safety management
  • Comprehensive handling of the end-to-end procurement process and
  • Advisory services for supervision contracts

We believe that a professionally handled contract can ensure a timely close out of the project. Moreover, collaborating effectively on all contractual interfaces right from the start helps build strong professional relationships between all project parties, which is the key to project success.

Since inception, we have been working on several assignments involving some or all our above listed services. A few select assignments from our complete reference list are given below:

  • Detailed design of berth and approach bund (2,500m) for a green field captive facility at Nandgaon, Maharashtra
  • Dredging consultancy for Angre Port Private Limited at Jaigarh, Maharashtra
  • Development and preparation of ISDP for Inland Water Transport in West Bengal.
  • EDS for Berth 6B- Marine at Jaigarh Port – detailed design
  • Pre-Tender Services for breakwater & Jetty work at Murud Jangira Fort, Raigad Maharashtra

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