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Founder and Managing Director

Sajith Sreedharan, the Founder and the Managing Director of Eka Infra has over 35 years of niche expertise in maritime sector and various project management consultancy. He is responsible for developing and forging the company’s strategic direction in world’s booming infrastructure consultancy sector. Mr. Sreedharan demonstrates strong leadership abilities, has successfully managed and led teams in delivering complex infrastructure projects, all while ensuring that Eka Infra strives at empowering progress and development of the economy. Sajith’s forward-thinking leadership has been instrumental in organization’s success through effectively harnessing a collaborative workforce, structured processes, and advanced engineering digital tools, thus maintaining a competitive edge in the consultancy sector. A s a progressive leader, he champions the principles of lean thinking, disruptive innovation, agility, and optimization throughout our engineering and design operations. Moreover, Sajith leads by example, continuously encouraging his team to embrace these modern concepts and put them into practice to ensure that Eka Infra continues to succeed.

Sajith has Master’s degree in Ecology and Environment and vast experience in the Infrastructure and Civil Engineering sector h having worked on over 250 multi-disciplinary projects with leading domestic and multinational companies like Afcons, Bovis Lendlease, Babtie India, Jacobs and BMT Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd. his core areas of expertise include feasibility studies, master planning, lenders and independent engineer services, planning and construction management, contract adjudications and determinations, project costing, and infrastructure improvement advisory. His professional skills also extend to various clients and stakeholders, from major port trusts, maritime boards, banks, and financial institutions to large developers like Adani, DP World, JSW, APM Terminals, ESSAR, Tata Projects Limited and Shell, as well as smaller enterprises, guiding them through project planning, fund-raising, and completion phases.


Projects - Vice President

Ganapati Desai is the Vice-President for Projects at Eka Infra. He holds bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with over 35 years of experience in managing and supervising infrastructure and construction projects. He has successfully delivered numerous projects involving bridges, quays, jetties, port infrastructure, and roads and highways, in both India and overseas. With his dynamic leadership ability to guide, inspire, and influence others toward achieving common goals or objectives of any projects, Ganapati empowers others by assigning responsibility and promoting autonomy, creating a workplace where team members feel appreciated and take ownership of their roles.

Throughout his professional career in infrastructure engineering, Ganapati has worked with prominent multinational engineering firms like AFCONS, HCC, ESSAR, and BMT Consultant (India) Pvt Ltd. His areas of expertise encompass the review of preliminary and detailed engineering from a site engineer’s perspective, project review, interface management, project construction cost estimation, planning, procurement, and project management. He is also experienced in adjudicating claims, contract management, structural assessment and review, bid process management, and coordinating with multiple stakeholders. Ganapati has proven to be an outstanding mentor to our team, providing guidance for their professional growth and supporting them in excelling in their roles.


Projects - General Manager

Mr. Achintya Mandal, the General Manager of Projects at Eka Infra, oversees all ongoing projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics. With over 25 years of experience in managing and supervising infrastructure and construction projects, he has successfully completed numerous projects, including jetties, quays, atomic power projects, highways, industrial buildings, sheet piling, shore protection, and civil works for transmission power lines.

Throughout his career, Mr. Mandal has held various positions, including Junior Engineer, Site Engineer, Deputy Project Manager, Project Manager, Deputy General Manager, and Assistant Resident Engineer. He has worked with renowned multinational engineering companies such as AFCONS, SIMPLEX, GAMMON, ESSAR, and BMT India. Since joining Eka Infra in 2018, he has been a key expert in marine and infrastructure projects.

Mr. Mandal possesses deep expertise in project management, client coordination, project planning, contract and procurement assistance, rate analysis, and claims adjudication. As a highly skilled professional, he serves as a knowledgeable and client-focused advisor on a wide range of infrastructure projects. Clients rely on his expertise and firsthand experience for support across various aspects and phases of their projects. His unique combination of technical skills, soft skills, and industry knowledge enables clients to achieve tangible benefits and return on investment. Additionally, Mr. Mandal is a mentor and leader to our junior project managers and execution teams.


Eka Infra is a global infrastructure consulting firm with committed professionals striving to provide cutting-edge solutions to your infrastructure challenges.


From managing large scale projects in India and overseas to providing policy input at senior levels of Government, our specialists deliver real world knowledge to clients.
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