Lender’s Independent Engineering Services

Lender’s Independent Engineering Services in India

In the sphere of infrastructure development, the roles of an Independent Engineer (IE) and a Lenders’ Independent Engineer (LIE) are crucial, serving as pillars of assurance that the project aligns with its intended operational purposes, adheres to national and/or international quality standards, and remains within the prescribed time and financial frameworks. These professionals are integral to independent engineering services, providing an essential layer of confidence in various development stages.

The IE, engaged by the owner of an infrastructure facility, bears the responsibility of ensuring compliance with statutory requirements and affirming the longevity of the installations, consistent with their design life. This facet of independent engineer services is paramount in guaranteeing that facilities are not only structurally sound but also legally compliant.

In the context of lenders independent engineer services in India, the LIE plays an additional critical role. Beyond the traditional responsibilities of an IE, the LIE serves the specific needs of financial stakeholders. Part of the broader spectrum of Lenders Independent Engineering Services, the LIE’s role is to provide unequivocal assurance to lenders that the project is executed in a manner that ensures operational efficiencies and financial viability, crucial for securing the loan repayment. This dual layer of accountability maintained by IEs and LIEs reinforces the overall project’s stability, ensuring it is robust, compliant, and financially sustainable from inception to realization.

At Eka Infra, we focus on the following while executing our Independent Engineer Services and LIE services:

  • Carry out an independent verification of planning, design, and operating capacity
  • Ensuring the disbursed funds being used to create the facilities described in the Business Plan
  • Confirming that the covenants and time frames are being met
  • Assuring the commitment of the borrower operating the managing contracts
  • Aligning the technical performance of the facility in line with the design
  • Justifying if the commissioning trials are proving this
  • Running quality checks on work with the lender recovering their money
  • Assessing any claims or other risks to capital cost occurring
  • Identifying the scale of claims and how likely is it they will need to be paid
  • Facilitating, questioning, and questioning very hard until we are convinced and is found to be true (demonstrating that it is true is very important)
  • Reminding ourselves that the reports we generate are only as good as the input data that we seek, the understanding that we derive and above all how we report these findings.

Our Role Is to Ensure That

  • The Owner/ Lender understands the technical decisions being taken
  • The security of the loan moneys and interest is maintained
    The contractor does (technically) what he says he will
  • Risks are identified and valued correctly
  • To Interpret ongoing work to assist the Owner/ Lender to avoid blind allies and delays
  • Understand what is important and what is not
  • Not to get in the way of the developer/contractor, because the lenders’ primary interest is for the developer to repay the loan with interest
  • The lender is a service provider to the developer
  • Avoid conflict of interest

Our wide spectrum of assignments include:

  • Updating of detailed project report for captive facility at Salav, Maharashtra
  • Detailed design of berth and approach bund (2,500m) for a green field captive facility at Nandgaon, Maharashtra
  • Project cost estimation and initial planning for Integrated Business Park at Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Project cost estimation and facility compliance report for KRIL facilities at five locations for DPW
  • Project cost estimation, vessel identification and SWOT analysis for proposed IWAI facility at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Master planning and improvements to ICD at Panipat, Haryana
  • Lenders Independent Engineer for JSW Mangalore Container Terminal Pvt Ltd., Mangalore

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