Special Economic Zones: Key Facilitators of World-class Logistics Growth

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Business Parks globally drive logistical growth and economic prosperity. This is especially trye in India as they attract international investors, foster employment and integrate global and local value chains. These zones accelerate industrial growth, aid regional development and alleviate urban congestion. Enabling clients to apply liberal economic laws effectively. Eka Infra specialises in building successful SEZs/Business Parks, ensuring adherence to constraints of time, scope and cost. Out team delivers comprehensive expertise from conceptual planning through finance to ongoing maintenance, ensuring these projects yield maximum benefit by leveraging advanced business acumen and technical prowess.

Our SEZ Offerings include

  • Business plan and a broad level land use plan for the proposed facilities at Pisarve, Maharashtra
  • Inception and Conceptual Design Report (Ranca Ranca), Malaysia
  • Structural Auditing of Existing Infrastructure at CWCNSL. Khopta
  • Prefeasibility Study for an MMLP at Jammu, J&K
  • MMB – Revenue Assessment Study

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