Technical Pre-Feasibility Study for Dankuni Private Freight Terminal

SFA Logistics Park Private Limited (SLPPL), a subsidiary of Suman Forwarding Agency Pvt. Ltd. (SFAPL), is developing and operating a Private Freight Terminal (PFT) near Dankuni, W Bengal, in accordance with the PFT policies of Ministry of Railways, India.

Accordingly, on 19th March 2019, HIPL commissioned Eka Infra Consultants (India) Private Limited (Eka Infra) to prepare a high-level Technical Pre-Feasibility Study for Dankuni PFT. The objective of the Study was to provide technical inputs to support HIPL’s investment decision and guide the way forward.

At a progress review meeting held between the stakeholders, HIPL instructed Eka Infra that the Technical Pre-Feasibility Study should consider the “addressable market” identified in the Commercial Study.

The Technical Pre-Feasibility Study was thus refocused to assess the suitability of the Revised ESP to handle the potential volume of containers and steel products, prioritized in that order. Bagged sugar and cars were no longer target commodities, and bagged cement would only be handled in the early years of operations, subject to availability of spare capacity after catering to the needs of containers and steel products.

In response to a request from HIPL on 10th May 2019, Eka Infra submitted a Note on Operating Options on 16th May 2019. This was followed by the submission of the draft and final report to conclude the assignment. Eka Infra’s scope of work included at a broad level the following activities considering the above referred refocus commodities:

The assignment has been completed and the report submitted to the client in June 2019.

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