Reskill to Upskill: Sustainable bridging of Data Deficiency

Sustainable Bridging of Data Deficiency

Workforce constitutes any enterprise’s most valuable asset especially in the infrastructure sector. The growth and development of any firm is hence based on the development of the workforce as it is technical and technology driven at the management level. Understanding their workforce from the perspective of an asset and intelligence defines the base strength of any enterprise. Development of any employee is contributed by various factors like the social, physical, and work life upliftment with ample focus on basic technical know-how and data management. Focusing on the upliftment of work life of any employee, we must understand that he/she should have the urge to develop critical thinking and scientific temper. These skills enable the employee to handle the competition/ challenges and simultaneously to overcome his/her limitations.

All such skills are rooted in two simple words, “reskill” and “upskill”. Reskill is to face the challenges and to learn skills completely different from one’s profile while upskill is to update one’s current knowledge and skills to strengthen and confidently expand the work domain. He/she must be kept well-tuned in this fast-competent world and thus shall grow along with the enterprise with a focus on upskilling. Some basic approaches that an employee can take to overcome the gap in data/knowledge deficiency are:

  • Extensive research
  • Targeted questioning to the client
  • Effective use of the supporting software

Be it traffic forecasting, feasibility studies, project reports, concept preliminary and detailed engineering, financial analysis, audits, claims and contract management, the one aspect to remember is that our deliverables are as good as the data we seek, the understanding that we derive and how we report these findings. Technological advancement demands professionals to keep themselves constantly updated. One of the ways for fixing the gaps in professional knowledge is by continuous research, which can be facilitated by different sources like internet books, blogs, project reports, publications, journals etc. Ensuring that employees get access to mobile-based microlearning friendly content, allowing employees to study from wherever they are, whenever they have some time will ease up the job of upskilling. This will help in getting a hang of broader outlook at data research, interpretation, planning, strategizing, executing and problem-solving. Effective utilisation of the same has to be carried out from our end with a targeted mindset.

Data management becomes an important foundation to implement in a systematic manner. The data collected on a particular topic from any source has to be sorted out and kept ready for reference at all times. It is said that “an invention is the mother of necessity” and “necessity is the mother of invention”. The best way to learn a new solution is to keep questioning. Doubts set in our mind should be asked upon and cleared without any hesitation. Understanding an issue is the key to solve it. Proper communication, discussion and supporting each other, all play a crucial role in understanding and solving a concern. Technologies provide great support in this approach by providing various means of communication and other aid tools.

Another tool to overcome the gap in data deficiency is the effective utilisation of software. Software programs that aid in the technical deliverable, help us to reduce the tedium of work. Today, there are various free or paid user-friendly software packages available in the public domain which are being effectively used for executing diverse functions from master planning, Demand Assessment, Design Analysis, Construction monitoring, cost estimation and contract administration. These software helps in reducing time consumption, increases work efficiency and accuracy.

In short, for the development of an enterprise, employees must be competent enough to match the pace of the fast-moving technological world. Best way to adapt to these endeavours is to be prepared through reskilling and upskilling the workforce constantly. Amid all the uncertainty we face today, this is the only resource we have control on.

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