Senior Engineer (Planning)

I am A.K. Balasubramani – Senior Engineer (Planning) at Eka Infra and I’ve worked here since August 2018.

I want to share my experience of working at Eka Infra and talk about what it’s like there.

It seems like only yesterday that I joined this organization. However, it has been four years and during my time here I have learned a lot from my team members and senior management.

During this time, I have been part of many projects taken up by Eka Infra – including the one with Development Works at Gopalpur Port, Odisha. The feedback from Development Works after the completion of the project has been nothing but positive.

They said: “Eka Infra has completed an assignment with putting their good efforts, maintain best quality standard practice, through Project Management Consultancy and also provided their best services (PMS) to complete the project within the stipulated time.” This project was a challenge for Eka Infra, but the company took on the project and completed it successfully.

Eka Infra has established itself as a strong brand in the competitive market, offering an engaging work environment that helps us develop our skills and maintain high-quality management practices. Eka Infra believes that learning and developing new skills is key to its success as a company, and so conducts many training programs related to Construction Management, Quality and HSE.

The leadership team of Eka Infra has a long-term vision of where the company is going, and how it will maintain its standards for quality. The company is staffed with qualified experts in all their departments, who follow the company’s rules, regulations and standards of quality.

Eka Infra has always been known for its high-quality work, but it’s also noteworthy to mention that the company cares about its employees. When COVID-19 hit and the company was forced to cut salaries by a certain percentage, they agreed to reimburse that cut within a short period of time—without any notification to the employees. This is unheard of in the market! I have never seen any other company do this. It’s an example of how Eka Infra values its employees and cares about them as people.

I am proud to be a part of this organization—Eka Infra Consultants Private Limited.

Thank you.


Design Engineer

As a fresh graduate, I was nervous and anxious when I joined the Eka Team in October 2020. My experience working here has been great. I get to work with experienced professionals and even communicate directly with senior engineers, who are always ready to help.

Throughout my time at Eka Infra, I was always able to access help and guidance whenever it was necessary. I believe this is one of the most valuable assets a company can offer its employees. I got to accompany senior engineers on site visits, which was a great way for me to learn and gain experience.

Eka Infra is committed to training its employees so they can grow professionally. Here, there are no restrictions—every employee is encouraged to explore and learn new things.

As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of Eka Infra this year, I am honored to be part of such a wonderful team.


Executive Assistant to Managing Director

For the past four years, I have worked for Eka Infra Consultants Private Limited—a leading engineering consultancy that provides realistic and sustainable solutions. During this time, I feel empowered by the experiences that the company has offered me. Since joining the company, I have taken part in numerous training programs that have helped me develop my functional and behavioral skills.

Eka Infra is an organization that maintains a positive attitude, focuses on priorities, and delivers quality work. Eka Infra also takes great pride in serving its clients, encouraging employees to contribute their full potential and creating long-lasting relationships with customers. The Management has always responded quickly and effectively to employees’ concerns, ensuring that staff welfare benefits are properly addressed. I am lucky to work with a diverse, intelligent team that is optimistic and genuine. We constantly update ourselves in order to make a difference.

Working at Eka Infra is fun and enjoyable. It’s helped expand my knowledge and skills, in addition to providing me with excellent career opportunities. The policies, activities, team spirit— all of which contribute to a great overall environment/culture—are what keep me motivated in my work.

As we approach the fourth-year anniversary of Eka Infra, I reflect on how fast the time has gone. I am grateful to have been part of Eka Infra and very proud of it. I extend my thanks to management for its support in good times and bad, as well. I look forward to our association going strong for years ahead!


Executive Administration & HSE

It’s been a pleasure working with Eka Infra Consultants Private Limited for the last 5 months. The company’s culture is one of its strongest assets.

Eka Infra has provided me with growth opportunities, professional development, and volunteer work in the local community. I am grateful to be part of Eka Infra. I cherish my time working with Eka Infra and wish them all the best in their continued success.

Thank you.


HSE Manager

Eka Infra, established in 2018, has completed four years and over the period has successfully completed a variety of infrastructure consultancy assignments. The assignments range from traffic studies to master planning, feasibility and project reports, technical due diligence, lenders’ independent services, concept, and preliminary engineering, financial analysis, detailed design, claims, and contract management and project management services.

Eka Infra has established an Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of International standards- ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 and complies with all relevant legislation, client requirements, and codes of practice pertaining to our services and activities. With this certification, Eka Infra is now an ISO-certified company for best Management culture and performance.

Eka Infra has been a wonderful place to work. The leadership, management, the culture of best practices, and safe working conditions make it a great workplace indeed! Eka Infra also provides a framework in which employees can advance their careers and make meaningful contributions. I was able to learn a lot from my colleagues at Eka Infra and the company’s top management is extremely supportive of its employees. The organization holds frequent events to motivate its employees and improve their teamwork.

Overall, Eka Infra Consultants Private Limited is a great organization to work for—I’m grateful that I can be part of Eka Infra. Let’s hope for the best in the upcoming years!!!

Thank You


Technical Assistant to Managing Director

Eka Infra was established in 2018 and since then has successfully completed many assignments in India and abroad with projects varying from traffic studies, master planning, feasibility and project reports, technical due diligence, lenders’ independent services and concept and preliminary engineering. The company has also handled claims and contract management services, navigation simulation, navigation audits and construction supervision.

Eka Infra has very high aspirations for the future and aims to continue achieving quality standards in all its projects. The company regularly conducts training programmes related to Construction Management, Quality and HSE.

Eka Infra is an organization that encourages its employees to grow both professionally and personally. Since joining Eka Infra in June 2022, the Management and team members have always been there to help me out when needed.

Today, as Eka Infra celebrates its four-year anniversary, I extend my best wishes for all of the company’s future endeavours.

Thank you.


Senior Technician (Draftsman)

 I am pleased to have worked with Eka Infra since its beginning, and now we are a four-year-old organization. We started this company with just a few employees. Today, we have grown to more than 15 staff members.

I have known our MD, Mr. Sajith Sreedharan, for more than 14 years and he is as enthusiastic today as when I first met him. He has built this company with dedication, hard work and a unique vision. There’s a lot that others can learn from him—about both business strategies and personal development.

The senior management at this company is approachable and supportive of new ideas, so there is no language barrier within the organization.

The company is dedicated to its employees’ professional development, providing training and resources necessary for their professional growth. Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues regardless of rank. I would like to quote a dialog from the movie, 3 Idoits – “Sab jagah gyaan batt raha hai, jahan se jitna mann kare, le lo.”

During the last four years, Eka infra completed 45 different projects. I had the opportunity to work on many of these during this time—both domestic and overseas assignments. As a company, Eka Infra focuses on delivering high-quality assignments that are well coordinated.

The company provided support to its employees during the recent pandemic because it believes that they are primary strength of any business.

I am a proud member of team Eka Infra!

Thank you!


Design Engineer

In the past four years, our company has successfully completed more than 40 projects at both national and international levels. I have been working in Eka Infra Consultants Private Limited for the past three years, as a Design Engineer.

Eka Infra has always provided a lively and energetic environment where employees’ hard work is rewarded.

My involvement in various projects has improved my design and analysis skills, making me a better team leader. Through my work with Eka Infra, I gained a broader appreciation for the company’s offerings by engaging in all aspects of its projects—from training programs to advice on internal resources for individuals interested in learning more about their core job duties.

I am grateful to Eka Infra for the opportunity and guidance during my three-year tenure with them. The knowledge and skills I gained here has helped me grow as a manager.


Human Resources Manager

I am pleased to have been a part of the Eka Infra family for over eight months, first as Finance Manager and then in my current role as Human Resources Manager.

Even though Eka Infra is a four-year-old company, I can boast that the firm invests heavily in its employees’ technical and non-technical training—which not only improves core competencies but also has a positive impact on personal lives.

Eka Infra’s success lies in its combination of young talent and experienced leadership, which satisfies clients’ and its stakeholder’s expectations.

For those who prioritize achievement, there is ample opportunity to grow and learn in this highly dynamic workplace. I value my relationship with Eka Infra and wish them much success in the future.


General Manager

I have worked at Eka Infra since its inception in 2018. The company’s friendly working culture and our colleagues’ willingness to help each other out are two factors that enable us to learn a lot from one another. Working on different types of projects keeps us from getting bored, as opposed to doing the same work repeatedly.

It’s a pleasure to work with my colleagues, who are very well known and have been performing at the highest level for many years. This has resulted in strong personal relationships along with excellent working relations.

The periodic workshops, sharing of individual knowledges through group discussions, training programmes to nurture different skill levels are all good aspects that help an individual grow.

During many of the projects, I have been selected as a project manager and experienced great teamwork from our team members. They were fully dedicated to reaching their goal and flexible with varying workloads. I thank all my colleagues and team members for their support. I am also grateful to senior management for our association—they care about us, encourage us on a daily basis, and build personal relationships with each employee of the company.


BUH – Project Management Services

I Ganapati. Desai have a total 31+ Years of experience, the last four of which were spent in Eka Infra consultants as a BUH- Project Management consultancy in the top management capacity. From the very beginning of Eka Infra, I have been involved in shaping its identity and direction by providing my input on all aspects of the company’s development.

Working in Eka Infra is real pleasure because the atmosphere here is very cordial and free. Essentially, the firm’s top management has created a friendly work environment where all employees are encouraged to contribute their best efforts towards organizational success. The company’s culture encourages each employee to maintain a high level of knowledge and take responsibility for his/her actions. The top management has a clear vision of how to shape the company and build it into an industry leader by setting milestones such as attaining international accreditation. Eka Infra consultants have already earned certifications for ISO-45001 and ISO 14001 and are working towards getting a third—quality management certification. This clearly demonstrates the determination of top management to guide the company toward many goals.

At Eka Infra, we strive to enhance the knowledge and update skills of our staff so that they can deliver the best quality results on critical and complicated projects. Eka Infra consciously seeks to groom young talent, drawing on the guidance of experienced technical experts and associates in order to reap innovative ideas from youthful minds.

Eka Infra has one of the best teams for Project Management consultancy services to execute critical projects along the west coast to east coast of India. With its high-quality conscious approach in delivering projects, Eka Infra has become one of the leading firms.

I am proud to be associated with such a rising/upcoming consultancy firm, having clear vision under the leadership of its top Management.

Thank you.


General Manager

I am Kali Prasad Misra, working as a General Manager-Coastal Modelling in Eka Infra. I joined the company in 2021 and overtime worked on various marine/coastal projects. In the year 2020-21, I used to work with Eka Infra as an associate.

Eka Infra has evolved into a major consultancy firm during the past 4 years. It provides infrastructure solutions to customers in the maritime industry. It has contributed significantly to the growth of India by partnering with major firms like Shapoorji Pallonji Group, DP World, JSW Infrastructure and TATA Projects on port-related projects.

Eka Infra has already established itself as a leader in the field of port and marine construction, becoming known for its technical expertise. It has a management team with clear and ambitious goals for the future. The management team brings a wealth of experience from companies such as BMT, Jacobs and AFCONS—all the ingredients for success are being implemented into the company’s strategy.

I am proud to be a part of Eka Infra and wish the company all the success it deserves.


General Manager – PMC – Project Coordination

I have worked with Eka Infra since its inception in 2018. Early members had their share of apprehensions, but the emphasis was on providing a professional service.

Engineering is a profession that turns visions into realities and shares experiences to make the world a better place.

Eka Infra is a group of talented and diverse professionals, committed to achieving excellence in all that they do. And it is an honor to work with such brilliant minds, and a privilege to do so in the company of Eka Infra’s members.

Eka Infra has a vision and mission that are central to its success. In the four years since its inception, Eka Infra has achieved significant milestones and gained accolades. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Eka Ifra remained strong because of management’s focus on creating a respectful workplace for all.

As we celebrate Eka Infra’s 4th year of operation, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and good wishes to all our clients, associates, and well-wishers.


Assistant Resident Engineer

I am Vinod S. Bhagwat— my overall experience is 19 years and I have worked in various positions with this organization for the past 4 years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to play multiple roles, from Quality Assurance Manager to Assistant Resident Engineer.  At present, I’m working as a Manager- Project Coordination. One of the perks of working here at Eka Ifra, the salaries and perks are maintained as per current industry standards.

In my work at Eka Infra, I was able to learn about project supervision and management under the guidance of experts with many years of experience. This has strengthened my knowledge in these areas. On site, the work culture is professional and safety conscious; we are required to wear protective equipment while working and periodic training programs ensure that all employees are aware of important safety issues. All employees are required to follow the model code of conduct set by the organization and statutory bodies. Eka Infra recently received ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, which demonstrate the organization’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of environmental and occupational safety.

I worked with skilled engineers and project managers in the development of Gopalpur Port, located in Odisha. Eka Infra completed this project successfully. Experts oversee and guide the daily activities at each of the company’s sites. Staff meetings are held to review site issues, address problems, and devise solutions. They also monitor the progress of work on schedule so that goals/milestones can be met. My role is to understand, resolve and oversee various site issues; conduct meetings with contractors; monitor the progress of the project by issuing quality certificates and ensuring timely implementation.

I have noticed that top management is always willing to invest time and money in helping employees become more technically competent. To achieve this, Eka Infra management has arranged for external and internal experts to conduct technical seminars. The company also encourages its employees to take on duties outside their areas of expertise and provides training as needed to help them complete the work. During the pandemic, Eka Infra adopted a proactive approach by prioritizing the well-being of its employees.

Overall, I am proud to be part of the Eka Infra Consultants team.


Assistant Manager – Planning

As an engineering professional, I cannot overstate how important the company’s network has been for me since joining in March 2022. The opportunity to learn from subject matter experts, as well as the senior management, has been invaluable.

The company offers its employees a diverse professional experience and entrusts them to lead the assignment in the fashion they deem fit. I thoroughly enjoy working with the team members and the clientele as I have met many ignited minds. The competency and experience of our senior leaders has built a prominent reputation in the industry.

The management appreciates the value of employees who can bring different ideas to the table and tries to make sure that everyone has an excellent work-life balance.

It’s been a great experience so far; I look forward to continuing my work with this company.

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