Fire Service Week Campaign – 2022

Fire Service Week Campaign – 2022

Date: 14 April 2022 to 20 April 2022.

The Fire Services Week (FSW) is observed nation-wide under the guidance of the Fire Adviser, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India during 14 April 2022 to 20 April 2022. This is in remembrance of the lives lost in the devastating fire that erupted and the explosions that followed on 14th April 1944 at the Victoria Dock in the Bombay Port. It is a grim reminder of the potential destruction caused by fire and emphasizing the need for fire prevention. The theme of this year is “Learn Fire Safety, Increase Productivity”.

Industries commemorate this day by undertaking trainings and drills to demonstrate emergency preparation. During the FSW, it is expected that all sectors of society, business, and industry will assess their fire safety needs, establish appropriate strategies for fire prevention, fire control, evacuation, and rehabilitation, and launch a fire safety campaign.

During Fire Service Week, Eka Infra provide presented all staff with Fire Safety Training and Toolbox Talks, as well as ensuring that all necessary firefighting equipment is ready at the Head Office and project site in the event of a fire. Always remember that fire prevention is better than firefighting, so our first goal is to educate our staff about fire safety, minimize fire-related hazards, and prevent fire incidents.

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