53rd National Safety Week


THEME: Focus On Safety Leadership For Esg Excellence

Date: 4th March 2024 – 10th March 2024

Location: Mumbai

The National Safety Council announced the 53rd Annual National Safety Week Campaign, commemorating its foundation day on March 4th, 2024. The aim of this campaign was to focus on  awareness about industrial safety and promote a culture of well-being in workplaces. With this objective in mind, the theme for this year’s National Safety Week is “Focus on Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence”.

Safety And Health Oath

“On this Day, I solemnly affirm that I will rededicate myself to the cause of safety, health and protection of environment, will do my best to observe rules, regulations, procedures and develop attitudes and habits conducive for achieving these objectives. I fully realise that accidents and occupational diseases are a drain on the national economy and may lead to disablement, death, harm to health, damage to property, social suffering and general degradation of the environment. I will do everything possible for the prevention of accident, occupational diseases and protection of environment in the interest of self, family, organisation, community, and the nation at large”.

Eka Infra celebrated the National Safety Week campaign from 4th to 10th March 2023 at Head Office and at Site with active participation from home and site staff. Our aim was to emphasise on Safety of our employees, associates, contractors, and other stakeholders and continually strive to maintain the interest on Safety throughout the year thereby to achieve the aim – “Safety Leadership through ESG excellence“.

The theme “Focus on Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence,” presents a unique opportunity to redefine safety practices and set priorities at strategic level. During National Safety Week, leaders lead the charge in integrating ESG principles into daily routines. They know that being eco-friendly, socially responsible, and having good governance practices is essential to long-term success. By showing how it is done, the flagbearers inspire others to join in, creating a culture where safety and sustainability are top priorities.

With much enthusiasm, we announced a competition encouraging participation from all our personnel to submit their suggestions for initiatives that emphasise the importance of ESG responsibility for organisation to adopt as part of ESG excellence. We received commendable ideas basis which 2 winners were shortlisted out of 13 submissions. To appreciate this event, we organised a small commemoration announcing the winners with cash prizes and participation certificate was awarded to participants. 

(Left) Mr. Srinivasraghavan awarding certificate to Ms. Seena Arangath, 1st prize winner of the ESC excellence competition. (Right) Certificate to Mr. Subhash KK, 2nd prize winner of the ESC excellence competition.

Celebration at Project Site

On National Safety Day, the staff at the Project site had a very different level of energy. Amidst the clang of machinery and bustle of workers, there was a shared focus on safety. Gathered around a makeshift stage adorned with safety posters, employees shared stories of close calls and lessons learned. From the raising of the flag to comprehensive safety training and health checkups for all site staff, the day was packed with activities aimed at promoting well-being. Motivational speeches lifted spirits, while the distribution of prizes and sweets added a touch of celebration to the occasion, the day was a mix of seriousness and camaraderie. Beyond just a series of events, National Safety Day became a symbol of collective responsibility and commitment to safety. With newfound knowledge, strengthened bonds, and a shared sense of purpose, the team left the site not only safer but also more united than ever before. 

Flag Hoisting at the project site by the Client
Eka Infra Staff awarding the certificate to the worker
Motivational Speech by the PMC staff to the site workers on safety and its importance
Cake cutting celebration by the PMC Staff
Training provided by the HSE Manager and the senior staff
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